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No-root network monitor and traffic dump tool for Android devices
Version: 1.4.2
Added: 03-02-2021
Updated: 17-09-2021
PCAPdroid is an open source network monitoring and capture tool. It can capture an Android device traffic without rooting the device. The traffic can be sent to a remote receiver.


* Log and examine the connections made by the user and system apps
* Extract SNI, DNS query, URL and remote IP address
* Apply a filter to only capture the traffic of the selected app
* Easily download a PCAP file of the traffic thanks to the integrated HTTP server
* Stream the PCAP to a remote receiver for further analysis (e.g. wireshark)
* Decrypt HTTPS/TLS traffic via a remote mitmproxy
* On rooted devices, it can capture the packets while other VPN apps are running

Important: the PCAP generated by PCAPdroid is not 100% accurate. Check out PCAP Reliability for more details.

PCAPdroid leverages the Android VpnService to receive all the traffic generated by the Android apps. No external VPN is actually created, the traffic is locally processed by the app.

Visit the project’s Github repo for more details.

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