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Capture traffic on Android devices and send the PCAP via UDP without root
Version: 1.2.16
Added: 03-02-2021
Updated: 26-02-2021
PCAPdroid lets you capture the Android traffic and analyze it remotely (e.g. via Wireshark). The traffic can be easily captured on a remote PC via an UDP socket.


* Capture apps traffic without root privileges
* Send captured traffic via UDP
* Download the traffic PCAP via the integrated HTTP server
* Show captured traffic real time statistics
* Apply a filter to only capture traffic for the selected app
* Decrypt HTTPS/TLS traffic via a remote mitmproxy

In order to run without root, the app takes advantage of the Android VPNService API to collect the packets on the device (they are not sent to an external VPN server).

Visit the project’s Github repo for instructions.

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