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Peace of Mind+

A flight-mode timer
Version: 2.1.4
Added: 19-07-2018
Updated: 09-10-2019
We become more conscious of our phones as our lives become increasingly
connected. Would you like to disconnect, if only for a moment? Your phone will
go silent and disconnect from the world: no e-mail, no status updates, no SMS
and no phone calls. Choose how long you wish to disconnect (up to 12 hours).

Originally developed by Kwame Corporation for Fairphone 1, Peace of Mind+ aims
simply to bring this beautiful app to other devices, and for future
Fairphone-owners patiently waiting to receive their phone!

App works without root, but from Android 4.2+ root access is needed to switch to
flight mode. Without root access the app will switch the phone to silent mode
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