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Peercoin Wallet

Your mobile wallet for Peercoin and Peercoin testnet.
Version: 1.2.3
Added: 10-08-2021
Updated: 04-12-2023
Send and receive Peercoin, the first Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency, on your phone.

Keep your wallet seed protected.
This app comes with absolutely no warranty.
Use at own risk.

- Based on electrum protocol.
- Send and receive peercoin.
- Ready to transact after installation (no waiting).
- Peercoin and Peercoin testnet wallets.
- Address book management.
- Import paper wallets.
- Import & export private keys (WIF).
- Server management.
- Multi-language support.
- Background notifications.

Known limitations can be found in the Github repository.

Screenshot of Peercoin Wallet Screenshot of Peercoin Wallet Screenshot of Peercoin Wallet
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