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Performance Control

System configuration
Version: 2.2.5
Added: 09-12-2013
Updated: 10-09-2014
* Change CPU Governor, I/O Scheduler and Clock Speed
* Battery information + Fast Charge setting + Battery Life eXtender setting
* Change Voltages Assigned to each CPU frequency
* Customize MinFree Task Killer (set the amount of RAM the minfree taskiller will keep)
* zRam (RAM compression)
* Customize SD read-ahead
* VM Settings such as: Dirty Ratio, Dynamic Fsync, Backlight timeout
* Integrated
* Linux Kernel, CPU, Memory informations
* Misc. Tools: Custom shell command, Wipe cache+dalvik cache, build.prop editor etc.

The sqlite functions won’t work unless you have the sqlite3 busybox binary

Requires root, busybox and a custom ROM.
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