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Simple wallpaper manager app with auto wallpaper support.
Version: 1.49_beta
Added: 30-01-2024
Updated: 08-07-2024
Peristyle is created to be extremely simple and sophisticated wallpaper manager and browser app for Android. It solves the problem of having too many features and bloated apps and having very minimal support for locally stored wallpapers. What if you just wanted an app that allows you to browse and select your own locally stored wallpapers and lets you manage and set wallpapers from there? then Peristyle is for you :)


- Simple architecture, browse wallpapers and use system wallpaper manager to set them as wallpaper.
- Can scan .nomedia directories, useful if you want to keep your wallpapers away from gallery.
- Apply blur and color filters dynamically on any wallpaper before applying.
- Simple yet pretty animations with proper optimizations
- No ads, no tracking, no analytics, no internet permissions, no unnecessary permissions
- Auto wallpaper change support
- Dark mode support
- Biometric authentication support
- Fully Material You design

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