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Requires root!Reboot your phone in a given interval and start an application
Version: 3.0
Added: 30-03-2015
Updated: 04-04-2015
Reboot your phone in a given interval on a specific time and start a specific
application after reboot. The idea is to restart Android and an application
periodically to clean up cache and memory leaks if the application has to run
over a long time.

And if you don't need to restart an application, still this can help to close
memory leaks. No background services - reboot is scheduled by system
AlarmManager. Before reboot is applied, all apps get a shutdown call to save
there data. This helps to prevent data loss!

Configuration allows

* selection of reboot interval from every day to every 30 days
* selection of reboot time from midnight to 11pm
* selection between hard reboot (complete restart) or soft/hot reboot (only restart apps)
* selection if you want to start an app automatically after reboot
* selection of any app to be started automatically after reboot
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