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Phonograph Plus

A revived classic material designed local music player for Android
Version: 1.7.1
Added: 01-04-2023
Updated: 12-06-2024
An independent fork of Phonograph in development

Phonograph is a material designed local music player for Android.
And Phonograph Plus is an independent fork of Phonograph, and is currently under my maintenance and development.

Additional Features:

  • Unlock pro.

  • Automatic & adaptive dark mode.

  • Plenty of user interface changes.

  • Change language in application manually.

  • Brand-new Detail page with more information like tags

  • Show Time Axis in "Lyrics" Dialog and allow seeking basing lyric's time axis and support lyrics following.

  • User-defined click behavior for songs

  • Support history of playing queue.

  • Fix Android 11 Scope Storage. (Partial)

  • Improve menu experience.

  • Improve "Library" pages user experience.

  • Support more sort orders.

  • Allow collecting app crash report.

  • use Path filter to replace, support "exclude mode" (blacklist) and "include mode" (whitelist).

  • Add song menu shortcut to add new items to excluded-list (blacklist).

  • Co-work-with/Support StatusBar Lyric Xposed Module (api)

  • Export internal databases and settings for the need of backup.

  • Increase history played tracks and top played tracks entries capacity (100->150).

  • Allow tabs fixed.

  • Brand-new File tab.

  • Allow deleting songs file along with its external lyrics file.

  • Brand-new Tag Editor

  • Brand-new App Intro

  • Better Notification Image Quality for Android T and above

  • Better Playlist support

  • Playback speed control

  • Resume playing after interruptions

  • Enhance multi-selecting

  • Basic support for Android Auto

  • and more small features/fixes.

Screenshot of Phonograph Plus Screenshot of Phonograph Plus Screenshot of Phonograph Plus
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