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Photo gallery for huge collections
Version: 1.16
Added: 21-08-2020
Updated: 18-10-2021
Quick access to any picture in huge collections of photos or comic archives

Stylus palm rejection or finger drawing mode (on top of several pictures, cut and edit/comment your screenshots, etc...)

Animated wallpapers and lockscreens from any selection of your pictures

* browse and display full screen at the same time, with an unrestricted zoom
* instant jump to any folder/picture even in huge collections (graphical representation of your directory structure)
* comic reading mode (keep current zoom and go to top left when switching page)
* display pictures directly from archives, without extracting them
* slit screen to draw or browse while reading comics
* optional internal mini video player
* mini puzzle game using your pics

Internet permission :
* browse your lan/apache/ftp server collections directly
* personalize onlinesites.txt to browse pictures from various forums, directly

Minimal power consumption (no useless redraws)
Gitlab website for issues/configurations/suggestions
AndroidTV support

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