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Gallery for PhotoPrism

An unofficial convenient gallery for your PhotoPrism library with plenty of usef
Version: 1.25.0
Added: 13-04-2023
Updated: 09-03-2024
This app brings a convenient mobile gallery experience for PhotoPrism.
It does not support all the official web app functionality, but nevertheless has plenty of useful features:
- Sending photos or videos to Gmail, Telegram or any other app
- Grouping the content by days and months
- Chronological scroll bar that lets you quickly jump to a specific month
- Configurable search
- Search bookmarks that let you save search configurations and apply them later
- Enhanced live photo viewer, looks best with Samsung and Apple shots
- Full-screen slideshow with video support
- Endless session without the need to re-enter the password
- Connection to both private and public libraries
- Support of mTLS (mutual TLS), HTTP basic and web portal authentication (Authelia, Cloudflare Access, etc.)
- TV compatibility to easily browse your library with a remote-control (Search is only available with a mouse for now)

The gallery is confirmed to work with PhotoPrism versions from November 28, 2023 down to October 9, 2021

This is an open-source app:
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