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Perform physics experiments with your phone
Version: 1.1.9
Added: 22-06-2019
Updated: 31-07-2021
Did you know that you are carrying a 3D magnetometer? That you can use your
phone as a pendulum to measure earth’s local gravitational acceleration?
That you can turn your phone into a sonar?

phyphox gives you access to the sensors of your phone either directly or
through ready-to-play experiments which analyze your data and let you export
raw data along with the results for further analysis. You can even define
your own experiments on and share them with colleagues, students
and friends.

Selected Features:
* A selection of pre-defined experiments. Just press play to start.
* Export your data to a range of widely used formats
* Remote-control your experiment through a web interface from any PC on the same network as your phone. No need to install anything on those PCs - all you need is a modern web browser.
* Define your own experiments by selecting sensor inputs, defining analysis steps and creating views as an interface using our web-editor ( The analysis can consists of just adding two values or using advanced methods like Fourier transforms and crosscorrelation. We offer a whole toolbox of analysis functions.

Sensors supported:
* Accelerometer
* Magnetometer
* Gyroscope
* Light intensity
* Pressure
* Microphone
* Proximity
(Some sensors are not present on every phone.)

Export formats
* CSV (Comma separated values)
* CSV (Tab-separated values)
* Excel
(If you need other formats, please let us know)

This app has been developed at the 2nd Institute of Physics A at the
RWTH Aachen University.
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