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Easily track your expenses
Version: 2.5
Added: 30-01-2019
Updated: 17-03-2019
piggybudget is a very simple app to track your expenses. In short bullet

* It’s a tiny app that I wrote for myself to keep track of my expenses.
* There’s two buttons
1. You received some money (you got paid, somebody owed you some, …)
2. You spent money
* You can select one of 13 categories when receiving money
* You can specify a daily or monthly amount – your “pocket money”. This will be added to your account automatically.
* You can select a currency. Euro is the default currency.
* There are statistics about how you spend your money.
* There’s a history for viewing your expenses one by one.
Screenshot of piggybudget Screenshot of piggybudget Screenshot of piggybudget
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