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PINcredible - Secure PIN vault

Modern and secure Android app to help you remember any PIN
Version: 0.7.1
Added: 20-02-2023
Updated: 08-10-2023
Over time I've used several apps to store my PINs, unfortunately none of them really convinced me.
So here we are now, this is my own implementation of a secure PIN manager.

  • PIN obfuscation
  • Local Encryption
  • Modern Design
  • No Internet Connection required
  • ️ No Ads
  • No Suspicious Permissions

The app obfuscates the PIN in a table layout surrounded by secure random numbers.
This brings two security benefits:
1. ❔ The app can not know where in the pattern the user given PIN is located at. Attackers can not extract the plaintext PIN.
2. ️ This offers protection against Shoulder Surfing, for example while accessing your PIN in a super market or a bank.

Security Aspects
For technical details about the implemented security take a look at the GitHub repo readme.

Used Icons
Color-blindness-test icons created by Freepik - Flaticon
Grid icons created by prettycons - Flaticon
Random icons created by Uniconlabs - Flaticon
Screenshot of PINcredible - Secure PIN vault Screenshot of PINcredible - Secure PIN vault Screenshot of PINcredible - Secure PIN vault
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