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A third-party Pixiv Android client. (Android 5.0+)
Version: 1.7.7R
Added: 14-01-2021
Updated: 23-01-2021
!!this app requires an existing Pixiv account (No registration in app).

A third-party Android client. (Android 5.0+) with:
* anti dns-pollution support
* aria download (speed up!)
* custom file naming (save the information such as tags)
* local pid detection & batch rename
* one-click collection mode
* night mode switch
* multi-user support
* search-by-image(sauceNAO)
* GIF play
* Google Translate support (need to install the app)
* view, add, reply comments
* private LIKE/FOLLOW, separate download folder
* sort picture by LIKE status
and other enhancements for you to explore~

Screenshot of Pix-EzViewer Screenshot of Pix-EzViewer Screenshot of Pix-EzViewer
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