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Pixiv for Muzei 3

Best Pixiv plugin for Muzei 3
Added: 13-05-2020
Updated: 07-12-2021
Plugin for the new Muzei 3, to display Pixiv artworks as your wallpaper


* Can pull artworks from a variety of sources:
- Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Rookie, Original, Male, or Female Rankings
- User's followed artists
- User's bookmarked artworks
- Artwork's from user's recommended feed
- A specified artist ID
- A specified tag
* Can filter against multiple criteria:
- Four levels of granular NSFW filtering
- Aspect ratio
- View count
- Manga or illustration

* Suports Oauth2 authentication

* Option to automatically clear images everyday
* Option to save artwork to user storage

* Works in China, SNI bypass

Privacy respecting
* No tracking or collection of user information
* No advertisements
Screenshot of Pixiv for Muzei 3 Screenshot of Pixiv for Muzei 3 Screenshot of Pixiv for Muzei 3
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