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Solar System in your Phone
Version: 2.0
Added: 15-01-2024
Updated: 17-04-2024
Planetario contains a 3D model of our solar system. It will show the horizon and the planets in their path along the sky. The word planet comes from the Greek planetai, meaning "wanderers". Because of the rotation of the earth, the stars seem to move in perfect circles, but the path of planets seem to wander against the background of stars.

Although there are many other apps and websites that show our solar system much more acurate, Planetario has a combination of features you which make it unique:

* Speed up time to see and understand the path of the planets through the sky
* Zoom in on planets using a virtual telescope
* See the horizon from all places on earth: checkout the different path of the Sun seen from the Northern and Southern hemisphere
* Travel the Moon or another planet to see the horizon from there. Visit the Apollo 16 and Mars Opportunity landing sites.
* See the earth from the Moon as seen by the astronauts John Young and Charles Duke
* Check whether the Earth and the Moon can be seen from Mars as separate 'stars'
* Visit some far away virtual spacestations to look down on our solar system or see it from the side.

Planetario may help you to:
* Learn where you can spot the planets in the night-sky
* Understand why the planets wander along these strange paths
* Get a grasp for the vast emptyness between our planets, and their tiny size compared to the size of our solar system

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