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Android app for Plexus
Version: 1.0.0
Added: 20-05-2022
Updated: 20-05-2022
Remove the fear of Android app compatibility on de-Googled devices.

Google Play Services are an integral part of most Android devices that enable users to utilize their Google account on their phone, as well as enable Google-specific features for applications that rely on them.
When users move to a de-googled ROM like GrapheneOS, CalyxOS or LineageOS, they are faced with opening their standard applications hoping they work. Plexus aims to beat the guessing game and allow users to know exactly what will happen once they flash a new ROM. Plexus supports ROMs with no Google Play Services e.g: GrapheneOS, as well as ROMs with microG, an open source alternative of Google Play Services, e.g: CalyxOS.

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