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Podcast player with lightweight interface
Version: 1.3.6
Added: 26-10-2015
Updated: 24-02-2016
Main idea behind this app is to set podcast listening free from inconvenience of
switching between screens and going through menus. Instead, all navigation in
PodListen is done by simply swiping between 3 tabs, basic actions are done with
single tap.

Besides original interface, it has basic features one can expect from podcatcher

* searchable podcast database (offline)
* feeds refresh and episodes download
* OPML import and export
* subscription by clicking on RSS links in browser
* home screen widget
* playlist sorting modes
* preferences like "pause on headphones disconnect", “download on wi-fi only”, etc.

If you are willing to help project by translating it to your language, see
instructions on github page.
Screenshot of PodListen Screenshot of PodListen Screenshot of PodListen
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