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Power Ampache 2

Music Streaming suite for Ampache, Nextcloud Music and compatible backends.
Version: 1.00-60-fdroid
Added: 22-05-2024
Updated: 19-06-2024
Power Ampache 2 is a feature-rich music client designed for Ampache, Subsonic, and Nextcloud backends. It offers all the features found in other mainstream music players, such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music, and more. With Power Ampache 2, enjoy "actually" downloading and exporting music files, access to lyrics, multi-account support, and an ad-free, tracking-free experience.

Please let me know if you encounter any issue, I'll be happy to fix any reported bug.

- Unique generated playlists (smartlists)
- "Spin it!" button to generate a playlist for you.
- Dark & light mode with adaptive interface colors, or choose/create your own theme.
- Media keys support
- Every Bluetooth functionality is available in the app.
- Song notifications with play controls. Also on lock screen.
- Album, Artist, Songs collections
- Advanced search
- Powerful offline mode
- Create, edit, share your playlists

With Power Ampache 2, you can effortlessly connect to Ampache servers and freely listen to music, without any tracker or ads. You can even download the music you want for offline use, or share with friends.

Despite its powerful features, Power Ampache 2 boasts a remarkable performance, making it quick and easy to listen music at full quality (FLAC support coming soon), create your own playlists (public or private) and queue. Experience speed and efficiency while enjoying your favourite music.

Your data is not collected and sold, there are no ads in the app.

Power Ampache 2 provides a quick and efficient search for finding songs/albums/artists/playlists. Find what you need, when you need it.

Enjoy a clean, modern design with a user-friendly interface. The app features a material3 design, MaterialYou and other themes, providing a visually appealing and comfortable user experience.

Power Ampache app is completely free of ads and does not request unnecessary permissions. Moreover, it is fully open-source, providing you with peace of mind, as you have access to the source code for security and privacy audits.

Consider donating to support the project or requesting new features.
Work in progress / Coming soon:
- Widgets
- Playlist edit drag and drop
- Android Auto
- Multi-account features
- Android TV
- UI Optimized for tablets

Known issue with Nextcloud Music:
Only lowercase usernames are accepted at this time. We're working to resolve this in the next release.
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