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Blur or pixelate faces or sensitive areas in pictures
Version: 2.1.6-foss
Added: 18-10-2021
Updated: 18-01-2022
PrivacyBlur does one thing only and does it well: blur or pixelate areas of your images with a few finger taps. Hide kids, faces, documents, numbers, names, etc., from your pictures in mere seconds. With PrivacyBlur at your side, you can share your pictures online without second thoughts.

Faces can be detected automatically. This happens on your phone, the image is not sent to any server.

No in-app purchases. No ads. No watermark. No hassle. Free forever because privacy shouldn't cost anything.

- Blur / Pixelate effect
- Faces can be detected automatically
- Fine / coarse grain effect
- Round / Square area
- Export to your camera roll
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