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Pulse Music

An offline music player app, with modern UI and powerful features
Version: 4.2.1
Added: 29-01-2021
Updated: 01-06-2021
A music player app to complement your offline music collection with playlist support, theme options, multiple now playing screen, quick play shortcuts, QS tiles, sleep timer and lot of useful customisations.

Permissions required by the app:
Necessary permission:
1. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To fetch the tracks stored in the device.
2. FOREGROUND_SERVICE: To continue media playback even if the application is in the background.
3. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Necessary to display album art in some devices (primarily in Android <= 9)

Optional permissions
3. BLUETOOTH: To detect the connected/disconnected state of bluetooth device (used only when Bluetooth auto play is turned on in the settings).
4. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: This permission allows the app to start necessary services which enables Bluetooth auto play functionality after device reboot (used only if Bluetooth auto play is turned on).
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