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39 single-player logic games
Version: 2019-03-26-0844-68363231
Added: 08-01-2014
Updated: 19-06-2019
A port of Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection, a collection of 39
single-player logic games.

Various control options for small screens: on-screen arrow keys (can be enabled
in Settings), pinch to zoom, and a new button to swap press/long-press.

NFC lets you beam a puzzle to your friend’s phone,
like this.

Media permissions let you swap saved games with the versions for other platforms
at (via Save/Share actions)

Contains the following 39 games: Black Box, Bridges, Cube, Dominosa, Fifteen,
Filling, Flip, Flood, Galaxies, Guess, Inertia, Keen, Light Up, Loopy, Magnets,
Map, Mines (Minesweeper), Net, Netslide, Palisade, Pattern, Pearl, Pegs
(Solitaire), Range, Rectangles, Same Game, Signpost, Singles, Sixteen, Slant,
Solo (Sudoku), Tents, Towers, Tracks, Twiddle, Undead, Unequal, Unruly, Untangle
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