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A dictionary application for dictionaries in StarDict format.
Version: 2.1.3
Added: 02-05-2021
Updated: 02-05-2021
QDict support 3 ways to search: `Glob-style pattern matching`, `Fuzzy query` and `Full-text` search.

Stardict dictionaries are not included in the application and should be obtained separately.

Dictionaries should be placed in `/sdcard/QDict/dicts`.
Each dictionary should be placed into a separate subfolder, for instance `/sdcard/QDict/dicts/dict-name`.
It's recommended to only use alphanumeric filenames.

This fork of [the original application]( was created to incorporate patches,
which were not responded to by the upstream and. The fork is not actively developed, i.e. no new features or bugfixes are planned,
however, all PRs are welcome and will be reviewed.
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