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Messaging app
Version: 3.10.1
Added: 18-08-2015
Updated: 19-01-2023
Replacement for the stock AOSP messaging app.

Some of its features include:

* Material Design
* Themes
* Night Mode
* Reply to messages without leaving the current app
* Group Messaging
* Delayed message sending
* Search

We're making texting magical again. QKSMS is the most beautiful messaging
experience you've ever used. Replace your stock messaging app and fall in love
texting all over again.

Dual-SIM and Multi-SIM phones are now fully supported by QKSMS!

Clean: A beautiful, intuitive, and clutter-free design that allows you to
focus on what matters.

Customizable: Use any of the millions of colors to theme the entire app,
or any particular conversation. Per-contact notifications allow you to easily
prioritize and distinguish your messages. Manual and automatic night mode are
great too.

Powerful: Use MMS to share photos, stickers, or join your friends in a
group chat. Conversation search allows you to find things easier than ever.

Private: Easily block conversations and manage your blacklist, or
automatically filter out spam with Should I Answer? integration.

Convenient: Reply to your messages from anywhere using the QK Reply popup,
your Wear OS (Android Wear) watch, or directly from your notification shade
(Android 7.0+)

Accessibility: High contrast black theme, and full support for TalkBack
and Samsung Voice Assistant.

We love hearing what you have to say, so always feel free to let us know
whenever you have any feedback or suggestions!
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