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Pen note-taking
Version: 10.7
Added: 18-09-2012
Updated: 20-09-2013
* Active pen (digitizer) support on ThinkPad Tablet, HTC Jetstream, and HTC Flyer, Galaxy Note
* Very fast response to pen strokes
* "Fountain pen" mode supports pen pressure data, more pressure = thicker line (requires active pen)
* Pinch-to-zoom; Double-finger tap to zoom
* Two-finger move gesture
* Pen strokes are vector art, zoom does not pixelate your writing
* "Pen only" mode (optional) disables touch input while writing
* Android 3.x hardware accelerated graphics
* PDF export (save to SD card, Evernote, Share)
* PNG (raster image) export
* Can backup/restore your data
* Ruled/Quad background paper
* Tagging for pages so you can group them together
* Switch between multiple notebooks
* Undo/redo
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