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Quote Unquote

A quotations widget.
Version: 3.2.1-fdroid
Added: 07-04-2021
Updated: 30-06-2022
Improve your self-esteem with these high quality quotations! Authors include:
• Artists
• Athletes
• Entertainers
• Entrepreneurs
• Philosophers (ancient to modern-day)
• Playwrights (special focus on Shakespeare)
• Politicians
• Psychotherapists
• and many, many, more...

Key features
• Twenty thousand, reviewed, high quality quotations
• Wikipedia integration (where author found)
• Configurable appearance
• Advanced navigation
• Notifications
• Searchable content
• Backup & Restore across devices

Other items of interest
• Free & without Ads
• Core functionality works offline
• No analytics
• Minimal permissions
• All quotations are in English
• Supported Open-source project

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