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Quickly find your Raspberry Pi on your network
Version: 1.2
Added: 13-05-2020
Updated: 13-05-2020

RaspFinder will tell you the IP address of your RaspberryPi on your Wi-Fi network. RaspFinder helps you to find your device in case, when

  • you are not able to access your Raspberry directly
  • you can't browse your router for a connected devices list
  • you have your Raspberry at hand, but too lazy to connect it via HDMI or Ethernet

All you need to care about - that the Raspberry and your smartphone are on the same network.


  • quick search: within 2-3 secs
  • simple and intuitive interface
  • does not include advertising
  • low application weight
  • decent and modern design

Attention: does NOT work if you are using MAC address spoofing!

Screenshot of RaspFinder Screenshot of RaspFinder Screenshot of RaspFinder
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