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RCX - Rclone for Android

A file manager for Android, using rclone for the heavy lifting.
Version: 1.12.2
Added: 21-02-2021
Updated: 22-07-2021
RCX helps you to mange your files, everywhere you go, on your local device or on most cloud providers.

File Management
You can list, view, download, upload, move, rename, delete files and folders

Stream media files, serve files and directories over FTP, HTTP, WebDAV or DLNA

Material Design
Supports dark theme, custom primary and accent colors

Access almost everything
Supports Storage Access Framework (SAF) for SD card and USB device access, regular storage devices and of course any cloud compatible with rclone.

Runs on almost everything
All architectures (runs on ARM, ARM64, x86 and x64 devices, Android 7+ / 5+)

Screenshot of RCX - Rclone for Android Screenshot of RCX - Rclone for Android
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