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Red Moon

Screen filter for night time phone use
Version: 3.5.0
Added: 18-03-2016
Updated: 12-03-2020
Blue light may suppress the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Red Moon filters out blue light and dims your screen below the normal minimum, so you can use your phone comfortably at night.


- Schedule Red Moon to run from sunset to sunrise, or at custom times.
- Use the default color profiles, or set custom color, intensity, and dim levels.
- Automatically pause in apps secured against overlays, or those you choose.
- Quickly start, stop, and switch profiles via notification, tile (Android 7.0+), or widget.


- Modify system settings: To automatically lower the screen brightness when the filter is on
- Approximate location (network-based): To determine the sunrise and sunset at your location. This will only be used when you configure Red Moon to automatically start at night.
- Draw over other apps: To change the color and brightness of the screen in all apps
- Run at startup: To restore the previous filter state at startup

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