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Reddit Widget
Version: 3.22.4
Added: 03-03-2014
Updated: 03-04-2020
A widget for the popular Reddit website.


* Display any Reddit subreddit in the widget.
* Choose from popular subreddits or search for your favourites.
* Keep you favourite subreddits on your "My Subreddits" list.
* Select the subreddit sorting type (hot, popular, etc).
* Reload the feed.
* Load more feed items.
* Have multiple widgets displaying a different subreddit and sorting type.
* Display thumbnails preference for each widget, choose position of thumbnail.
* Hide post infomation
* Choose from three item click actions. You can open the combined "Reddinator view", open the item's content page or open the item's Reddit page.
* Reddinator view combines the items content and the reddit comments page into a tabbed layout, read the article and participate in Reddits great community discussion at the same time.
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