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A regular expression matching game
Version: 1.3.1
Added: 30-07-2015
Updated: 04-12-2016
Try and find a regular expression (Perl style) to match certain strings, while
not matching others.

Currently there are three game modes, that can be selected and configured from
the settings. These generate Tasks, set limits to how many characters may be
used, and which solutions are successful an which are not.

All game modes are based on the same concept: the Task to solve will be
displayed on the screen as soon as possible (near immediately for Random game,
longer for REDB game), and then the user has to enter a regular expression to
solve the task. As soon as it fits to conditions, it will be automatically
submitted, and the next task will generate - no questions asked. The user will
be notified in case s?he rises up a level.
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