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Rehearsal Assistant

Multipurpose audio recording app. Supports high-fidelity uncompressed recording.
Version: 0.9
Added: 19-02-2011
Updated: 15-01-2014
A voice / sound recording utility with two modes of operation:

Session Mode: organizes recordings into sessions, and time-stamps relative to
the beginning of the session, making it useful for recording your thoughts and
observations during an event.

If you are a choreographer or director watching a rehearsal of your work, this
can help you make note of the feedback you want to share with the cast.

Simple Mode: easy recording and playback of sound files. If you are a musician
or writer, it can help you record and remember your spontaneous moments of

Also works great for shopping lists and other kinds of reminders.
Screenshot of Rehearsal Assistant Screenshot of Rehearsal Assistant
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