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Remote Numpad

This application transforms your smartphone into a numpad for your computer.
Version: 1.7.1
Added: 07-01-2021
Updated: 29-04-2021
Server download:

With Remote Numpad, you can add the convenience of a numeric keypad to your laptop.

You can use this numpad in 3 different ways.

Using the Bluetooth HID profile (experimental), you can use Remote Numpad with any Bluetooth-enabled device (Android P or more required).

Using the classic Bluetooth or TCP (Wi-Fi) connections, a server application needs to be running on the device. The server can be downloaded from "" where you will also find more information.

IMPORTANT: The classic Bluetoooth and TCP (Wi-Fi) connections WILL NOT WORK if the server is not running on the other device.

A tutorial video can be found at "".

The project is open source and all contributions are welcome over at "".
Screenshot of Remote Numpad Screenshot of Remote Numpad Screenshot of Remote Numpad
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