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minimalistic microblogging client for twitter
Version: 2.05
Added: 27-04-2018
Updated: 08-07-2018

The App is a very low level twitter client. You have to generate your OWN Twitter API Key and Secret or THIS APP WILL NOT WORK.


  • ad-free
  • fast and efficient
  • no write access permissions (maximal privacy)
  • small Welcome intro with hints about API Key and Secret
  • tap on the Tweet text to load the full imageful tweet view
  • night mode
  • switch images and videos on/off in preferences
  • search user and hashtags
  • twitter 280 messages (and a small picture function)

Twitter client like a feed reader

  • no private messages
  • no profile changes
  • no high resolution photo or images sending
  • no Tweet details, answering, comments
  • no voting
  • no stories
  • no likes
  • no retweets
  • no beep, blink or any other notification

Screenshot of ReoTwé Screenshot of ReoTwé Screenshot of ReoTwé
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