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A steampunk roguelike dungeon crawling game.
Version: 0.12.0
Added: 12-09-2023
Updated: 28-02-2024
Revengate is a Rogue-like dungeon crawler RPG set in a steampunk universe full of Victorian technology and magic.

Explore an alternate mid-19th century Lyon as an investigator for the mysterious Lux Co. organization. Meet locals and investigate mysteries through role-playing and dungeon exploration. With quirky items like the potion of absinthe and the potion of analysis-paralysis, you will have to apply novel strategies and tactics to overcome your challenges.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from Nethack and other traditional roguelikes while keeping actions simple to make the controls more mobile-friendly. The control scheme borrows a lot ideas from the excellent UI in Pixel Dungeon and its Shattered Pixel variant.

You can also play Revengate in your browser:

This free and open source game is made with the Godot Game Engine.
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