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RF Analyzer

View HackRF plots
Version: 1.13
Added: 12-11-2014
Updated: 14-10-2016

View a FFT plot and a waterfall plot of the frequency spectrum received by a HackRF. The new version can also demodulate audio from AM and FM signals!

Use an OTG (on-the-go) USB cable to connect your HackRF/RTL-SDR to an Android phone/tablet and this app will visualize the RF spectrum (frequency magnitude and waterfall plot)! Browse through the frequency spectrum just by using scroll and zoom touch gestures. Additional features are:

  • Many settings: FFT size, averaging, peak holding, color scheme, ...
  • read samples from a file (generated by hackrf_transfer tool or by rtl_sdr)
  • AM/FM/SSB audio demodulation
  • adjust squelch and channel width
  • Record to a raw IQ file compatible with hackrf_transfer, ...
  • Bookmarks
  • rad1o support

Read the manual for more details.

Screenshot of RF Analyzer Screenshot of RF Analyzer Screenshot of RF Analyzer
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