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A multilingual Android application for streaming music from YouTube Music.
Version: 0.6.39
Added: 25-12-2023
Updated: 17-06-2024
RiMusic is a multilingual Android application for streaming music from YouTube Music, available in several languages.

It was born as an extension of the functionality of ViMusic, which retains the general appearance, colors.

## ✨ Features
- **Multilingual support:** English, Italian, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Romanian and more. Contributions for other languages are welcome
- UI Mode, change style from RiMusic to classic ViMusic style and viceversa
- Play song from YouTube Music
- Change your favorite language from settings
- Auto cache songs for offline playback with custom cache size
- Download songs or entire playlist for offline playback (not cache)
- Background playback with stop while app swipe out from task manager
- Minimized player optimizations
- Listening statistics
- Audio visualizer on player with many type of effects. THIS FEATURE REQUIRE MIC PERMISSION, ONLY IF ACTIVATE IT FROM SETTINGS. BY DEFAULT IS DISABLED. All permissions list are in wiki page at link
- News, mood and musical genres
- New albums from preferites artists
- Search for songs, albums, artists and playlists
- Bookmark artists and albums
- Import playlists
- Local playlist management
- Reorder songs in playlist or queue
- Persistent queue
- Clear queue
- Share menu support for YouTube and YouTube Music links
- Fetch, display, edit and translate synchronized, or not, songs lyrics
- Light, Dark, Dynamic and ModernBack themes
- Sleep timer with custom time
- Audio normalization
- Audio skip silence
- Android Auto support
- Android TV support
- Check for Updates, enable/disable it by settings

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