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Secure and distributed communication platform
Version: 20220615-01
Added: 29-01-2016
Updated: 20-06-2022
Jami (formerly Ring and SFLphone) is a free distributed multimedia communication
software. It is developed by Savoir-faire Linux with the help of a global
community of users and contributors. Savoir-faire Linux is a Canadian company
specialized in Linux and free software.

Jami allows to make audio or video calls, and to send messages, safely and
freely, in confidence. Jami is a Free and open source software that requires no
central server.

What can you do with Jami:

* send text messages
* make audio calls
* make video calls
* send files
* use your existing SIP account

There are plenty of ways to help us, check out: href="">.

Jami is inspired by a Swahili word that means "community".

You can also install Jami on Windows, macOS, iOS and GNU/Linux.
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