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Next Generation Matrix Client
Version: 0.24.0
Added: 14-01-2020
Updated: 15-08-2020

Note: This version is going to be discontinued and continued as Element.

RiotX is a new client for the Matrix protocol ( an open network for secure, decentralised communication. RiotX is a full rewrite of the Riot Android client, based on a full rewrite of the Matrix Android SDK.

Disclaimer: This is a beta version. RiotX is currently in active development and contains limitations and (we hope not too many) bugs. All feedback is welcome!

RiotX supports:

  • Login to an existing account
  • Create room and join public rooms
  • Accept and reject invitations
  • List users rooms
  • View room details
  • Send text messages
  • Send attachment
  • Read and write messages in encrypted rooms
  • Crypto: E2E keys backup, advance device verification, key share request and answer
  • Push notification
  • Light, Dark and Black themes

Not all features in Riot are implemented in RiotX yet. Main missing (and coming soon!) features:

  • Calls
  • ...

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