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System-wide JamesDSP implementation for non-rooted devices
Version: 1.6.8
Added: 09-02-2023
Updated: 26-11-2023
Use JamesDSP as a system-wide audio processing engine without any root access.

This app has several limitations that may be deal-breaking to some people; please read this whole document before using the app. Shizuku (Android 11+) or ADB access via a computer is required for the initial setup.

JamesDSP supports the following audio effects:
* Limiter control
* Output gain control
* Auto dynamic range compressor
* Dynamic bass boost
* Interpolating FIR equalizer
* Arbitrary response equalizer (Graphic EQ)
* Convolver
* Live-programmable DSP (scripting engine for audio effects)
* Analog modelling
* Soundstage wideness
* Crossfeed
* Virtual room effect (reverb)

Additionally, this app integrates directly with AutoEQ. Using AutoEQ integration, you can search and import frequency responses that aim to correct your headphone to a neutral sound. Go to 'Arbitrary response equalizer > Magnitude response > AutoEQ profiles' to get started.

--- Limitations
* Apps blocking internal audio capture remain unprocessed (e.g., Spotify, Google Chrome)
* Apps using some types of HW-accelerated playback may cause issues and need to be manually excluded (e.g., some Unity games)
* Cannot coexist with (some) other audio effect apps (e.g., Wavelet and other apps that make use of the `DynamicsProcessing` Android API)

- Apps confirmed working:
* YouTube
* YouTube Music
* Amazon Music
* Deezer
* Poweramp
* Substreamer
* Twitch
* ...

- Unsupported apps include:
* Spotify (Note: Spotify ReVanced patch is required to support Spotify)
* Google Chrome
* SoundCloud
* ...

--- Translation
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