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Track your sport activities using GPS
Added: 29-08-2019
Updated: 29-07-2020

Track your sport activities with RunnerUp using the GPS in your Android phone:

  • See detailed stats around your pace, distance and time.
  • Get stats and progress with built-in highly configurable audio cues.
  • Run free runs with target pace or target heart rate zone
  • Easily configure and run effective interval workouts modeled after Garmin
  • Share your favorite workouts with friends
  • Heart rate monitor: Bluetooth SMART (BLE)
  • Configure and use heart rate zones

Upload your activities to a variety of running sites with a single click:

  • Strava
  • Endomondo
  • RunKeeper
  • RunningAHEAD

Explanation to anti-features:

  • NonFreeNet: Uploading to Strava and other services makes use of non free net services. (The uploading is open similar to uploading a .tcx file, but the services are not open.)
  • UpstreamNonFree: The Play version (can be installed at the same time as the F-Droid version) has additional features using non free libraries, see below

Features removed compared to Play version:

  • Map view (no MapBox API key in free)
  • WearOS app (requires non-free Play services)
  • HR ANT+ connectivity (requires closed source lib)
  • Runalyze and Dropbox upload (Requires API keys. Runalyze test upload possible.)
  • Download customized apk to device (F-Droid binary is universal for all supported binaries).

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