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S. Notes

A simple and private notes app
Version: 3.0.17
Added: 02-05-2019
Updated: 01-12-2019
Standard Notes is a private place for your notes, thoughts, and life's work.

— It's simple. Standard Notes is the easiest notes app you'll ever use. That
means a more reliable, long-term experience.

— Encrypted writing is your best writing. You never really know the power of
your words until you experience total-privacy for the first time.

Standard Notes uses end-to-end encryption so that:
* We can't read your notes
* Your ISP can't read your notes
* Your government can't read your notes

We like to say, "Write like no one's watching."

— Extended writing is even better. Standard Notes is free to use on all your
devices, and comes with encryption and sync out of the box.

If you’d like to support our development, we offer an extensions package, with
themes, editors, and 3rd-party syncing options, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and
daily email backups.

— And so you know, you and us are in this for the long run. You want your notes
to last as long as you do, and we want our app to serve you for decades to come.
Standard Notes is architected on deeply-rooted principles of software longevity
and business sustainability.

* We say no to feature requests. Simplicity is the only way forward.
* A sustainable revenue model creates a healthy, long-term environment.
* A non-IPO mindset. We choose longevity over growth.

We're proud to be an open-source notes app. Learn more at standardnotes.org.
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