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Safe Notes - Encrypted Notepad

Encrypted, Private note manager
Version: 2.3.0
Added: 02-10-2022
Updated: 05-05-2023
★ Safe Notes is an open-source project that aims to provide an encrypted, private note manager.
★ Employs rigorously tested AES-256 encryption standards to encrypt your notes.
★ Incognito Keyboard
★ Brute-force protection
★ Protection against data snooping via adb
★ Android background snapshot protection
★ Inactivity guard
★ Automated encrypted backup
★ Arctic Nord style dark and light theme
★ Customization for colorful notes
★ Seamless migration to new device. Use the backup to move your data from one device to another device.
★ Safe Notes provides ultimate security - you don't have to trust us, or any other third party because everything is done locally on your phone.
★ Contrary to the ongoing frenzy of "move everything to cloud" we believe in "localization of user data" giving you the control of your data and not some third-party cloud service provider.
★ Completely anonymous, no inbound and outbound requests.

--- How it works ---

★ Safe Notes encrypt each note with a unique AES-256 symmetric key derived from your passphrase and randomly generated salt.
★ If an attacker tries to brute-force your encrypted notes it will take "Trillions Upon Trillions years" in contrast, the universe has only existed for 15 billion years. (You must use strong and long passphrase).
★ AES-256 is symmetric key encryption that is quantum-resistant, i.e. it isn't vulnerable to quantum computers.
★ Everything is stored locally on the user's device.
★ Your passphrase is never stored on the device, it gets purged as soon as you exit the app.
★ We can't decrypt your notes even if we wanted to. That gives you the ultimate security, but it also means that a lost passphrase can never be recovered.
★ Safe Notes is an open-source, not-for-profit project.
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