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Bus schedule for South Tyrol
Version: 0.3.01
Added: 30-11-2012
Updated: 28-06-2013
SASAbus is the first application to consult the bus schedule of SASA (Società
Autobus Servizi d'Area - Städtischer Autobus Service AG) for all lines of the
city of Bozen, Meran and Leifers (South Tyrol). Operation is very simple: choose
the city, the bus line, the destination and the bus stop: SASAbus will show you
the next bus stop schedule. Now with additional GPS mode.

The bus data is provided by Sasabz and is released under
the CC-2.0-SA-NC. Map data is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database
Licence and copyrighted by OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende.
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