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SavaPage Print Service

A Print Service for SavaPage Open Print Portal
Version: 0.1.0
Added: 19-09-2019
Updated: 19-09-2019
Enable this app in the "Print services" section of the Settings app, add
SavaPage Open Print Portal printers of your choice with your credentials,
and use them to print to SavaPage from any app.

Preview the result in the SavaPage Print Portal's HTML5 Web App and proceed
the print work-flow in the confines of your organization from there.

SavaPage Open Print Portal uses Open Standards and Commodity Hardware for
Secure Pull-Printing, Pay-Per-Print, Delegated Print, Job Ticketing,
Auditing and PDF Creation. Please consult the User Manual for a
comprehensive introduction.

SavaPage is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public
License (AGPL) version 3, or any later version. It is based on a Community
Driven Development Model. User organizations join the community by
subscribing to the software.
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