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An open-source on-device voice IME (keyboard) for Android using the Vosk library
Version: v4.2.0
Added: 25-10-2023
Updated: 24-03-2024

This project provides a voice keyboard using Vosk. It is based on


This app requires a Vosk model to run. You can use the built-in downloader or download manually from, and then import into the app.

Sayboard uses for the following permissions:

  • INTERNET - to download the models. This permission is not required, and can be revoked through the device settings in compatible ROMs. Sayboard does not, and never will, send any of your information over the internet!.

  • RECORD_AUDIO - well, this is a voice keyboard after all.

  • POST_NOTIFICATIONS - to show download and import progress.

  • FOREGROUND_SERVICE - to download and import models in the background.

Screenshot of Sayboard Screenshot of Sayboard Screenshot of Sayboard
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