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OpenStreetMap surveyor app for experienced OSM contributors
Version: 58.0
Added: 20-02-2023
Updated: 05-06-2024
SCEE is a modified version of StreetComplete, aimed at experienced OSM users unhappy about the lack of advanced editing capabilities in normal StreetComplete.

Please be aware that SCEE is not suitable for people used to discard warning messages without reading!
Users new to OpenStreetMap are best advised to use StreetComplete:

Functionality added in SCEE is considerably less tested than what you might be used from StreetComplete, so bugs or unexpected behavior may happen. If you encounter any, please report the issue.
Extra features may cause SCEE to behave in highly modified way compared to StreetComplete.

For a full list of differences to StreetComplete see

F-Droid anti-feature: non-free network,
SCEE uses background map tiles provided by jawg, and optionally aerial / satellite imagery by Esri.

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