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Schlikk Calls

Change volume on call so that you don't miss them
Version: 1.0
Added: 05-02-2021
Updated: 29-05-2021
Raise the volume on call
- no need to turn up notifications

Grant permission READ_PHONE_STATE (mandatory) to get the basic functionality.
On incoming call the volume is adjusted to your preference. After the call the volume is reset to the previous setting.
If your phone is in DoNotDisturb mode however, nothing is changed.

Enable reading of the phone numbers so that the app can see who is calling you.
With this you can set a different volume for each number.

Grant permission ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY (optional) to enable the app to toggle your phone's DoNotDisturb mode.
With this you can mark numbers as important. The app will deactivate DoNotDisturb mode iff an important number calls you.

Screenshot of Schlikk Calls Screenshot of Schlikk Calls Screenshot of Schlikk Calls
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