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A simple app to keep track of player scores during any card game (or similar).
Version: 1.0-250
Added: 18-02-2023
Updated: 18-02-2023
This app allows you to keep track of player scores in any high or low score game. The app consists of a simple table where every player has a column, and each round is a line. At the bottom, the app shows the sum of points and a ranking of the players.

That's it, keep it simple, stupid!

- Enter player scores in a table
- (Theoretically) unlimited number of players (practically limited by your screen width)
- Sum of points
- Ranking according to the game mode (high/low score)
- Save multiple games and switch between them
- Support for dark mode
- No unnecessary permissions
- Fully open source
- Privacy friendly: All data is stored on your device; the app doesn't even have permission to access the internet!
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