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SDB Viewer

View song lyrics, a translation of it and guitar chords
Version: 1.7
Added: 29-01-2019
Updated: 26-08-2023
This app can display the data produced and managed by Song Database
if the file is accessible via URL (web address). It cannot be used for anything else, so if you
don't use Song Database, this app isn't meant for you!

You can view the song lyrics, any available translation and the guitar chords (if available).
Translation and chords can be disabled in the settings. The app keeps a local version of the data
until it can fetch an update (after a timeout which is three days by default) so you can use
it offline as well.

If you are the administrator of your Song Database installation and don't want to upload the
file containing the songs every time you modify it, you could set up a synchronisation solution
like Nextcloud and use the "share link" functionality - the resulting
link has to be used in the app.

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