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Seafood Berserker!

Seafood Berserker
Version: 0.2
Added on: 28-07-2017
Last update: 28-07-2017

No ninjas, no fruit. Just heavy-metal Vikings who love to slice seafood!

Slice all the seafood from entering your Viking ship, but don't chop the anchors! It has two modes, "Classic" where you lose a life for each missed food, and "arcade" where you just go for points.

I started this game a long time ago as a joke, but illness and family matters eventually made it so I couldn't finish it. So I just cleaned it up a bit and published it now because I'm not sure when I'll get back to it! I hope someone can enjoy it!

Screenshot of Seafood Berserker! Screenshot of Seafood Berserker! Screenshot of Seafood Berserker!
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